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Elements decorative
About us

             Cube Art  Sp. J. is the manufacturer of moulding elevation executed expande from polystyrene EPS and extradited XPS. Our offer be directed to investors directly, the performers, architects and the firms of leaders the trade activity. Delivering is our aim the You of products of the highest quality, very light and also the straight lines in assembly and incredibly showy, designed both to embellishment new how and the renovation of antique objects. High quality of our products and the materials the applied to production of moulding the Cube Art as well as the perfect products permit the modern machine park to us to offer after attractive prices.

         As few we on market execute elements in several kinds of coats, and we on customer's wish have possibility of have obtainment in compartment the any thickness of coat for 0,5 mm to 6mm. Moulding elevation the Cube Art in distinction from concrete elements or plaster it can be assembled on polystyrene EPS be the mineral wool, and the applied through firm Cube Art the technology of production of moulding, it on realization every example practically and the any size of cornice, giving the same possibility of production of both original, unique details how and the are replenishing of reproduction of elevation of restored objects.

Cube Art  assures:

·      nice and professional service

·      quick and in time deliveries

·      convenient conditions of payment

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                                                                           Team Cube Art

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